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Please Help Us Support Those In Need!

There are those young ladies out there that could use your help.* By making a purchase from our storefront, you can keep them in a safe and healthy environment. And you will be showing the world that promiscuous girls are people too!

Think about how many slutty girls have to make it on their own. Our girls live in a spacious 2 bedroom ranch home in a nice, undisclosed location and each lady shares a cot with 2 other girls so they never have to feel alone. Just like Mom used to do.

And they don’t have to worry about safety as Brutus keeps watch on the door night and day!

*Seriously, this is a completely fake charity, with the money going to line our pockets and to be redistributed into alcohol purchases. You can’t write it off as a charitable donation, but you’ll look great in our shirts, ball caps, barbecue aprons and thongs.